About Molecule Innovations

Molecule Innovations, a futuristic brand founded in the suburbs of Tirur, Kerala, India. The company operates in Kerala state with inspiring innovations and alternatives in four business areas: Self Development, Pre School, Health & Beauty and Boutique.

Molecule Innovations exhibits strategies and policies to be the vanguard in its four business areas within a short period of the brand’s odyssey. The Self Development Centre of the brand, with its launch in 2018 has stormed the untapped markets of Tirur and plans to expand further aiming raw markets.
Molecule Innovations, with its profound and clear-cut market understanding, has been lucrative in raising and nurturing a brand which is rooted to the crux, authentic and neoteric. We are focused on delivering supremacy in performance, flexibility, and credibility that exceeds customer expectations for quality, service and efficiency. Molecule Innovation is committed to the development, modernization and continued improvement of our product and services.

Our Vision

Molecule Innovations is committed to provide product and services of innovative and futuristic capability. The company strives for exceptional growth and performance and is dedicated to outline the best possible customer value.

Our Mission

To devise and develop measures to explore and explicit the inner self.

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