Self Development Centre

Self Development Centre of Molecule Innovations provides developmental guidance on options to school-leavers, young adults, job seekers and for new to mid-career professionals. The center guides individuals of age group 7 to 45 through the process of discovery and transformation of their true potential.

The course design introduces self-development practices that stimulate professional growth and development of individuals by improving their motivation and self-development skills. The technologically-powered and resulted anchored course structures of the Molecule Innovations act as a genuine alternative to the traditional realm of Self Development centers around the globe.

Our Courses

Spoken English

  Develope Listening Skills
  Voice and Accent
  Fluency and Expression
  Vocabulary and Application
  Activities and Practice Session

Public Speaking

  Self Awareness
  Platform skills
  Act Sequence
  Presentation Skills

Communication Skills

  Verbal Communication
  Non Verbal Communication
  Visual Communication
  Interview Skills
  Effective Listening
  Speaking With Confidence
  Telephone techniques

Personality Grooming

  Confidence Building
  Art of Attraction
  Behaviour Management
  Body Language
  Dresscode & Etiquettes
  Table Etiquettes
  Time Management

Leadership Skills

  Solving Problems & Making Decisions
  Writing for Business
  Leading Effective meetings
  Team Working
  Practical Leadership Skills

Management Skills

  Fundamentals of Management
  People management
  Business Finance
  Event Management
  Influencing Skills
  Travel Management
  Planning, Organizing and Coordination
  Negotiation Skills
  Project Management Skills
  Business Strategy
  Performance Management

Computer Skills

  MS Office
  Basic Accounting

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